Sketch & Co.

Renee Henzell

As a contemporary urban artist Henzell references her inner-city environment within her artworks. Road grills are of specific interest to Henzell as they reference place and provide the subject for exploration of pattern and colour design which feature in her works. These often forgotten and camouflaged horizonal urban features provide the portals of Henzell’s exploration within abstraction.

Mass consumerism, subliminal signs, motifs, sounds and signals agitate momentarily our immediate conscious or unconscious state. Where we find ourselves emotionally at any given time can affect the way we respond to these signals or whether we acknowledge our part in the system at all.

Henzell invites the viewer into her abstracted, multi layered, frottage, silk screened and other mixed media artworks to explore the unrecognisable and recognisable side by side. Layering provides many labyrinths for visual discovery. Each artwork evokes the opportunity of daydreaming into a parallel landscape through the portal represented and transforming the road grill into an object of desire.

Henzell works on various substrates including paper, Belgium linen, canvas, board and found objects and in various size formats. All works are original one-off pieces.